Our Clients

Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Arms Length Housing Companies

We have provided services to a large number of local authorities, houisng associations and arms length housing companies including Arcadia Housing Group, Aster Group, Bournemouth Borough Council, Bracknell Forest Homes, Cheltenham Borough Homes, Coastline Housing Group, Exeter City Council, Gloucester City Homes, Green Square Group, Merlin Housing Society, Magna Housing Group, Midland Heart, Spectrum Housing Group, Synergy Housing Group, Victory Housing Trust, Westward Housing Group.

Central Government

The broad and extensive experience the team at Good Governance Network has led to various national government departments and agencies to ask for our assistance including the Cabinet Office; the Department for Communities and Local Government, and its predecessors the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions; the Home Office; the Welsh Assembly Government; the TSA and its predecessor the Housing Corporation. We have also worked at the highest level of the National Housing Federation and HouseMark.

At a national level our work has included helping to develop “fit for purpose” housing strategies and business plans; the English Decent Homes Standard; the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, tenant and leaseholder involvement best practice and a variety of training courses for civil servants and national policy makers on Housing policy and procedure.

Regional Government and Agencies

At a regional level we have worked with a variety of Government Offices, Regional Development Agencies and Regional Assemblies co-producing for example Regional Housing Strategies and undertaking regional surveys, regional consultation exercises and overseeing the implementation of key government housing policies. We have worked in partnership with the National Housing Federation to deliver their regional board events.

Audit Commission

Our consultants worked in the past for the Audit Commission Housing Inspectorate where they have undertaken a wide variety of housing inspections of housing associations, local authorities and arm’s length housing companies.  Over the last 8 years we have undertaken a large number of mock long notice and latterly short notice inspections for various social landlords and assist them to carry out detailed self -assessments, train and motivate staff to continually improve and have helped social landlords deliver three stars and excellent prospects performance whether or not they are to be inspected.  Combining the variety of skills within our team means we are able to teach, coach and support as well as help you develop effective service and governance frameworks within which will deliver improvement


Our consultants have also been associate consultants for HouseMark, the leading benchmarking and knowledge Management Company, in the social housing sector, jointly owned by the Chartered Institute of Housing and the National Housing Federation; and have been involved in benchmarking; policy development; and performance improvement