What we do - Governance

Many organisations are exploring how they are going to ensure residents are at the heart of what they do and can impact on service development and monitoring at the highest level. Though regulatory control and guidance is changing many organisations want to continue to develop this to meet the changing shape of their organisations and explore fully the newly acquired freedom to choose a model that suits their particular organisation or group structure. We have supported Tenants who are board members for many years and still do however now there are more opportunities for tenants to get involved in additional new structures. Some of the approaches being explored and developed are:

  • Scrutiny Group with independent powers that sit beneath a group board and can commission work based on their findings from performance monitoring and feedback from residents other types of scrutiny groups set up to monitor only and other to undertake customer led audits themselves (more on scrutiny groups)
  • Customer Boards and Local Delivery Boards are taking over some aspects of the work of subsidiary boards in some housing association group structures where services have been amalgamated or streamed across the whole group of associations. These boards may contain a majority or tenants and either senior staff and sometimes an independent person with specific skills in governance (more on customer boards)
  • Cross group steering groups to facilitate change in governance structures (link to independent tenant advice)
  • Tenant Management Organisations and other local estate management groups (more on TMOs and other forms of local governance)
  • Supporting Tenants who are Board members which we do with training developed for individual needs and requirements supported with on-going mentoring and coaching
  • Supporting resident groups involved in governance activities (ie Service Review Groups/Forums/Auditor/Inspector/Scrutiny/Board) and ensuring this is effectively embedded in governance structure of the organisation and producing desired outcomes