Governance Academy

The Governance Academy is another example of a training product developed with clients in order to build capacity for residents to play an effective role in the governance of the organisation. Here, governance is taken to include the way the organisation made decisions – and how residents can be a part in this. This includes residents involved in decisions around improving their community as well as improving, monitoring and scrutinising services.

With this first example, the client’s initial focus was on ‘soft’ skills, partnership and team-working, moving on to ‘harder’ skills of analysis, objectivity and challenge.

Because they wanted to encourage as many residents to take part as possible (not just ‘active’ residents), courses were shaped according to ‘levels’ and advertised widely.


Recently we have been working with some of our clients to develop modular training to enable tenants to develop through to board level involvement. This has been particularly successful within group structures. We have provided an example of one of these partnership academies for you. In this particular organisation Level One training was provided by the organisation and Level Two by us focussing on the particular needs of the tenants involved.