What we do - Independent Tenant Advice

We offer independent tenant advice for specific projects such as:

  • Supporting residents and staff during a merger
  • Supporting organisations through restructures where new governance and involvement arrangements are being developed
  • Development of new group structures
  • Options appraisal
  • Transfer from local authority to a housing association
  • Developing customer boards and local delivery boards
  • Exploring the development of Tenant Management Organisations or similar

We have worked with a number of local authorities to support tenants through the options appraisal process on to exploring a transfer to either a Housing Association or Arm’s Length Management organisation.  We help with information and support in the community to ensure all tenants can share their views based on sound knowledge as well as work with the local authority to ensure good communication between them and tenants in the community and in local groups.  Not all local authorities transfer after an options appraisal if that is what the tenants want we work to ensure that the key issues identified in the process are laid down in future plans ensuring that services to tenants improve as a result of the process. Where a transfer takes place we support the tenant and help with the recruitment of the shadow board by providing visioning days and tasters on governance. We then support the shadow board through the process all the way to transfer and beyond.

Independent advice is important for tenants who are involved with associations who are planning to merge or change governance and service delivery arrangements. In these instances we work with the organisations involved to recruit the group of tenants who are going to steer the project and support the group with a range of training and support based on their needs and the needs of the process.  We are skilled in managing the dynamics between all stakeholders involved and aim to develop effective partnership working between all stakeholders involved.  We will also advocate for tenants groups where necessary and appropriate which has proved to be highly effective is organisations where trust is not yet developed.