Inspections / Validations

In these changing times we have adapted our inspection services to help prepare you for a variety of inspections or validations by such organisations as the Tenant Services Authority, Customer Excellence, Investors in People or help you carry out self regulatory inspections of your own service, involving residents as well as our own inspection teams in assessing your services and making recommendations for improvement.
We can help you by:
  • Carrying out mock inspections / self regulatory inspections / health checks on your services
  • Providing briefing sessions for staff, councillors/board members and customers on what to expect and how to present themselves and their supporting evidence
  • Helping you prepare self assessments and associated evidence
  • Reviewing existing services and make recommendations on what to improve and how
  • Involving customers and key stakeholders in inspections and health checks and in the subsequent improvement of services
  • Helping you to remodel your services