Expectations from staff are always changing, like our industry, and becoming more demanding. So, we have developed training courses to meet changing needs. We also develop course material on specific to you and your needs.

Our experience with regulation and inspection and other compliance frameworks is considerable we offer a range of courses designed as a result of our inspection and health check work with organisations Here are some examples of what we do.

Practical skills

  • Complaints handling
    (managing and understanding customer feedback)
  • Value for money for front line staff 
  • Value for money for managers and team leaders
  • TSA Standards and local offers Setting and monitoring service standards
  • Impact assessments tools and techniques
  • Developing and writing involvement strategies, action plans  and agreements
  • Planning setting up and running inspector/auditor any mystery shopping groups
  • Resident involvement facilitation and consultation skills for front line staff
  • Resident involvement for managers and directors 
  • Scrutiny and co-regulation
  • Reviewing services – the three meeting approach to the 4 Cs
  • Residents’ Business Plans – frameworks for consulting on residents priorities
  • We also write bespoke courses to meet specific needs of staff in organisations – contact us to discuss and we will deliver ourselves of find you additional experts to assist.


Essential soft skills

  • Successful interview practice for inspections and scrutiny
  • Team building and profiling
  • High level communication skills – influence, persuasion and negotiation