Good Governance Network

Why use us

We are value for money

The way the Good Governance Network works in a similar way to cooperatives and federations.  This is a unique phenomenon in the social housing sector for professionals.  The benefit to the customer is that is ensures there are no additional charges over and above the consultants time which means we are very competitive in the market place.  The five directors all have their own companies which have been successful for over a decade.  The benefit of working collectively means there is a wider reservoir of expertise to pull on and the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of clients as much of our work is bespoke to the customer.

We have a wide range of experience

We work to support Boards, organisations and their customers in a variety of ways.  We combine our wide range of practical and technical knowledge about governance, operational management and service delivery with our ability to teach and share knowledge in an accessible way. All of our directors have been tenants of councils and housing associations at different times in their lives which has resulted in a passion for improving services to customers.